Fused Glass

Glass fusing is rapidly increasing in popularity! It's the process of using the heat of the kiln to melt pieces of glass together. You can create your own unique piece of glass art using our simple tools and techniques. With dozens of vivid colors to choose from, you are sure to create a piece that's beautiful and functional.

How To

Glass fusing is easy and fun:

1. Select a glass project. Choose from plates, bowls, platters, sun-catchers, coasters, votives, vases, jewelry, or ornaments.
2. Choose your colors and arrange your designs. We have over 30 colors of glass available and idea books to inspire you. Our staff is available to provide assistance, if needed. 
3. Have your piece fired in our kiln. We take care of the fusing by firing your piece in our kiln. You will receive a call when it's ready, approximately 10-14 days after the date of your visit. The finished piece is food safe and ready to enjoy!


Pricing is based on the size and the shape of the glass piece you choose to create. The price includes studio time, glass, use of tools, fuse firing, and staff assistance. For shaped pieces, there is an additional fee of $5 for the second firing. Any materials that cost extra are marked. 
Glass art projects range in price from $10-$100. All skill levels are welcome!